Do You Want To Be NASA Astronaut?

It is true that astronaut job is a pioneering and inspiring work in itself. Astronomy is a branch of science which deals with flying lightweight hovers and aircrafts. Everyone dreams of fling high in air and being an astronaut helps you live to this dream. You can have fun of escaping from earth’s gravity and roam around freely above all enjoying scenes like Great Wall of China and other wonders. You can also fly high in blue sky and go to places which most people can only think about.

Types of Astronauts

Astronauts are well-trained and fully skilled engineers or scientists who go beyond earth’s atmosphere to discover the outer world and at the same time learn about nature mysteries. (Visit to learn from the best electrical engineer on how to start your career) The astronomy’s domain is extending with bounds and leaps and there are no limits to its exploration. Astronauts use technical devices and space shuttles to go in outer space. There are typically 3 main working domains of an astronaut. The payload specialist, mission specialist and Pilot are 3 varied areas where astronauts can work. Working as an astronaut can be difficult and challenging both mentally and physically. You have to travel long hours under strenuous conditions which are intolerable for normal humans. Astronauts are given rigid trainings to adapt themselves to changing environments of environment beyond earth.


Duties of an Astronaut

An astronaut is accountable for operating and regulating all space stations of space agency. Astronauts manage trips and pace missions to discover new planets and the outer world. It is a tough job since it involves life risk all the time but it is also adventurous and enthralling for those who have a passion for celestial bodies and outer space. Astronauts have huge responsibilities and they need to be extremely brilliant and completely focused to be eligible for astronaut endeavors and space missions. Astronauts should have at least 1000 hours of aircraft flying experience to go for a space shuttle.


  • You should have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in mathematics, physical science, biological science or engineering. Advanced degree or mark is desirable. Academic preparation’s quality is very important.
  • You should have at least 1000 hours of jet aircraft flying experience. In addition to this, experience in flight test is greatly desirable.
  • You should pass a NASA space physical which is similar to a civilian or military flight physical and these consist of the following principles and standards:
  • Height between 62-75 inches
  • Blood pressure must be 140/90 that is measured in a sitting position
  • The distance visual acuity must be 20/100, correctable to 20/20 eye vision.

If you are one of those individuals who want to qualify for NASA Astronaut job, you should meet the qualifications that are stated above. Once passed, you are now one step closer in reaching your goals in life. For more information about astronaut job, responsibilities and qualifications, browsing the web or conducting a research can be a great help. Being an astronaut is one thing that you can be proud of.

Yoga Mind Body & Soul

Intro Yoga Session Instructional

Yoga is actually beneficial for the physical health, mental health and emotional health. With the many benefits that it brings to a person, it is just necessary understanding yoga session instructions, tips, guidelines and recommendations. This way, you will be able to begin with a successful yoga practice.

How to Begin with a Yoga Practice

There are actually four basic steps that need to be followed when beginning with a yoga practice. These are as follow:

  • Learn the Proper Ways of Breathing
  • Start with a good intention and brief meditation
  • Use Both the Beginning and Basic Level Postures
  • End with a Relaxation Pose or Shavasan

What Are Those Things Needed to Start a Yoga Session?

The impressive thing about yoga is that it does not require anything just to practice it completely and perfectly. The following are still recommended to best enhance and support your practice.

  • Yoga Studio Premium Membership
  • Yoga Books
  • Yoga DVD’s
  • Yoga Cd’s
  • Yoga Mat & Clean Spacious Space (these pros carpet cleaning Pittsburgh consistently prepare yoga studios for hot Bikhram practice.
  • Yoga Music CD’s
  • Yoga Props
  • Yoga Clothing

General Guidelines to Follow for a Yoga Practice It is a must to read on first the general guidelines before a yoga practice. The don’ts and do’s will usually be covered for a successful yoga experience.When it is Not Advised to Practice Yoga

There are contraindications for every yoga posture that you must first know of. Pregnancy, menstruation, injuries and high blood pressure are among those conditions that demand specific yoga postures. There must also be specific care that needs to be taken into consideration when considering all those postures. Especially if you have a specific medical condition, it is best to consult with a health care expert and professional before you begin with a yoga practice.

  • Modify the Body PosturesThe pictures and instructions of yoga postures are actually intended as goals. This only means to say that it is about the direction that you will go towards and not where you exactly must be. Explore and experiment various alignments and positions for the perfect posture work.Moderate the Intensity LevelThe yoga practice could be made vigorous and challenging. Start it at a slow pace and ensure to understand the proper alignment of postures. Three of the essential ways could be followed to intensify the practice. The first thing will be to hold the postures for a longer period of time and the second thing is to health care expert and professional before you begin with a yoga practice.Modify the Body Postures

    The pictures and instructions of yoga postures are actually intended as goals. This only means to say that it is about the direction that you will go towards and not where you exactly must be. Explore and experiment various alignments and positions for the perfect posture work.

    Moderate the Intensity Level

    The yoga practice could be made vigorous and challenging. Start it at a slow pace and ensure to understand the proper alignment of postures. Think of it like a medical professional advises even for how to moderate an animals walk intensity level to stay healthy and increase stamina. A veterinarian( is just as reliable in this medical advice due to knowing our bodies and heart when providing their opinion on the importance of this healthy style of practice and suggested these three of the essential ways that could be followed to intensify the practice. The first thing will be to hold the postures for a longer period of time and the second thing is to build the practice to challenging and more advanced postures. Thirdly, there is a need to move easily between postures.

    Duration of the Practice

    The daily practice could range from fifteen to ninety-minutes long and could be done one to six times every week. This will actually depend on the goals, ability and schedule. It is a lot better if you will practice on a frequent basis for better and greater results.

    What Items to Wear

    Comfortably, loose, unitards, tights will work best. It will also be essential to wear something that does not restrict your movement.

    Eating and Drinking

    It is however not suggested to drink or eat before doing a yoga practice. Eat less than one to three hours before and then drink just a small amount of water.

    Now, you already have learned more about the Intro Yoga Session Instructional!

Here is a site that really helps us support and learn deeper about the practice our minds and bodies enjoy us to continue so be it. Yoga Journal

Creative Visuals

Our site Dedicated to the connection we use around the world to depict the world as we know it and share it visually again and again. Shared straight from the film study notes of our a film student and commercial hvac by day at sharing the experience from where Carnegie Mellon University is located. In the idea of peace on earth I believe that film and sharing movies together has slowly developed and pushed the mind to next level thinking and grasping concepts. If you can imagine a world where resources to information and on demand decision making with pros to assist you like giving us more opportunity to be healthy with the idea of mobile trainers than best believe the world can see many more independent film makers and cameras out among the street creating more visuals for the world. The connection between the two simply is a comparison where like being a trainer a film director with the right resources can start inspiring others on there own schedule. There will be more interest with or without the professional experience. The camera was believed to seep your soul I believe the path of thought was the start only to create a perspective and share spirituals space for another.

In the future of our site look forward to more works from this film director out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.


Directed by Michael Bagnato

Professional Tips for Directing Your Own Film

Preparing to make a feature film can be somewhat similar to preparing to have a first baby. You can read books, take classes and learn to breathe. However, you are never actually fully prepare when it comes to deliver.

So, you have decided to make your own movie. Most likely you’re aware that writing, editing and directing your own movie is a daunting task, but one advantage you can get is that, you have a creative, full control of your production. You need to equip yourself from putting lots of work only to get your movie finished.

To successfully direct a visually captivating story with plausible characters, you should have an in-depth understanding on different tips when directing a film. So, how do you get started?

  • Come up with an idea

Just bear in mind, coming up with the idea for your film doesn’t need to be an intense showdown with other huge, popular films. To base your film around, you can get one great sentence such as the one you read in a film description. What is the story, character or conflict you really want to tell? What genre do you want – sci-fi, drama or comedy? When you already identify your genre, you can think of characters and plots suitable to it.

  • Invent your own characters

We all know that characters arouse stories. Since the audience relates more to the character, you should ensure you have thought out characters well before starting. Make sure your characters are round, have fears and desires and have agency.

  • Use screenwriting software when writing your script

You are given an opportunity to use any format of writing what you like when producing your own movie. But if you want to get studio-quality formatting together with tools intended for screenwriters, using screenwriting software such as Final Draft, Writer Duets and Celtx is a good option. They will auto-format for you, plus they are great way to know the exact length of your film.

  • Learn the many types of cuts to edit skillfully

Editing is the art of saying a story thru cuts. It is a sequence of videos put back to back. How you cut the story from one to another is how the audience recognizes the story. So when editing a movie, the way on how you order cut from a video to one another is all that matters.

  • To make your movie professional, correct its sound and color

Now is the time for the long clean-up process after making the film as good as it can be. The best advice from professional directors is to make the sound and color look consistent. The scenes should have the same color and lighting. Also, there should be no spots in which the sound is blatantly difficult or loud to hear.

There you have it! Directing your own film, especially for beginners, should not be a very difficult task. These tips will help get started in the movie industry. So, get ready to roll because Hollywood is calling your creative, professional mind.



The Big Bang & Our Universe

You ever sit atop your roof and look out to the stars and wonder exactly what you were looking up at? A summer Ga night can produce a vivid scene for the new stargazer. Away from the city lights even the ones who spend the most time, like roofers Atlanta has, will tell you you’ll get the best results outside the city where it can be darker. The Big Bang may help explain all that continues to push out within our galaxy.

The Big Bang theory is assumed by the scientists as one of the most controversial theories in the history of humankind. We are certainly aware that universe exists; but, this alone is not enough to the whole humanity’s insatiable quest for further understanding which leads us to the big question of human position in this universe and the universe itself. Modern science has been able to provide a few theories for some of the answers we called hypotheses; which is widely accepted and assist us to understand our existence in some ways.

Although this is a short note, it is not possible to tackle all of the questions regarding the existence of everything we know as reality. Thus, this is a mere attempt to discuss some basic questions of Humankind. However, keep in mind that all information is always being challenged and reexamine with the purpose of understanding the universe vividly. As we are aware that there is no static thing in our universe, not even these theories; it always been changing. For Human purposes, through an evaluation of the Big Bang theory, the universe existence, and the first atoms synthesis, we believe that Human can begin to answer more of these major questions

The Big Bang

But what really is The Big Bang? The Big Bang is the cosmological theory which explains the creation of the Universe (time, space, substance, and energy). How the universe was created has been the most regularly asked question. Some believe that the universe has beginning or end and is truly infinite, a lot of people have their various opinion on it. Through the start of the Big Bang theory, however, not any more could the universe be termed infinite. It explained that the universe took on the properties of a finite phenomenon, having a history as well as a beginning.

This occurred about 15 billion years ago; a great explosion began the expansion of the universe. The explosion is called the Big Bang. At the time of the event, every matter and energy of space were held at one point. Whatever existed preceding this event is entirely unknown, and considered an issue of a pure hypothesis. This happening wasn’t a conventional explosion but an event filling the whole space with the whole particles of the universe splitting away from each other. The Big Bang actually comprises of an explosion within the space. The galaxies weren’t clumped together; however, the Big Bang lay the beginning of the universe. Since the Big Bang, there has been continuously universal expanding and, so, more and more distance between galaxies clusters. This phenomenon of galaxies distancing a long way away from each other is referred as “the red shift”.

The Big Bang theory gives a viable solution to one of our persistent lifetime questions. It is crucial to understand, however, that there is a constant revision of Big Bang theory. As more research are conducted and more observations are made, the Big Bang theory will get to it completion and our knowledge substantial of the universe origins.
In summary, our first attempt was to explaining the report that science has researched about our universe. The understanding of the Big Bang is vividly incomplete. As time passes by, more discoveries will be made, with infinite questions which need more answers. Since the genesis of the theory of the Big Bang, it has constantly been challenged, and many individuals and groups have tried to have further been made that point at the creation of the universe.
Presently, NASA made few astounding discoveries with the use of the Astro-2 observatory by astronomers. They were able to confirm one of the criteria for the foundation of the universe through the Big Bang. In 1995, the scientists detected primordial helium, for instance, deuterium, in the in-depth of the universe. These findings are acting the same with an important part of the Big Bang theory that a combination of helium and hydrogen was created at the creation of the universe.

In addition, Astronomers postulate that the presence of Boron found through Hubble space could be either a remnant of energetic events at the creation of galaxies or it could mean that boron is as old as the Big Bang itself. If this is true, scientists may be forced once again to revise their theory for the creation of the universe and the immediate events afterward; why? According to the present theory, such a complex and heavy atom couldn’t have existed.

Also recently, there has been more research of the immediate event after the Big Bang. The scientist, at this moment, developed a massive machine called Large Hadron Collider with the aim to collide subatomic particles at the speed of light. The scientists maintain the theory by the temperature which resulted from these collisions (100.000 times bigger than the Sun’s core temperature). The basis of the temperature caused from these collisions; the scientists will be able to determine the primeval elements of the Big Bang. The LGC is a sort of “time machine”, hopefully, that takes us back to the primeval substance. However, many believed that the machine is a black hole and likely generate a catastrophic incident, which may lead to the end of mankind.

Peace On Earth

Search peace on the trusted google search engine. What you will not see is pictures of the entire world holding hands nor a news article describing world peace all across Earth. Why? Because, we only have gotten to the point in our human span lifetime to just now make songs, films, and have the concept developed. But, no actual real life world peace to walk among the living on Earth. As a lover of the life we live and a man among men I search for the answers everyday of how to make this world a better place for all. It took sunshine and clear skies to make me and an hvac Atlanta realize our real calling in life. We both understand what it is like providing smiles for the world we live in, and bringing them to complete strangers. Our paths cross with a simple hello and then can end with a have a nice day but why not across all mankind.

Ultimate world peace is not impossible regardless of popular belief but, it will take some work and mental reps to get there. As humans we have came along way especially in the USA with freedom of speech, and religion. It should be the skies the limit after those two foundation attachments. But, we have been halted with theses two alone as speech and religion seem to be top causes for what people die for worldwide everyday. The Atlanta HVAC and myself expressed we all have the freedom to choose a path for our own desires. Especially here in the US. We focus on the developing a better life for our children rather living in the moment and trying to push our mental capacities to develop a more productive better today. As humans we limit our success and only deal with what we find emotionally fitting. If we have the ability to think freely why not use this capability to conquer the mass hate together.


Simply, we don’t appreciate the time that has been given to us in any manner. I mean lets  be real if your mom calls you and interrupts your favorite tv show premiere you are going to have to call her back. She thinks after the show and you know it is tomorrow. So how can we have the capacity to understand the effects of global warming and what disrespecting the environment today means to us tomorrow. Impossible. Naturally we are a group of followers not leaders as humans. We tend to go with the majority. Majority wins all that jazz. It takes a strong lone soldier to lead us and make us believers once they conquer and trump the majority. Even still we can’t naturally buy in. The following post will dive deeper into Martin Luther King Day and ways to achieve this world peace as we know it and have not yet got close to putting our fingertips on.

Unidentified Foreign Can Be Recognized As Universal

One Love is a concept that is rooted with history and still we have all not mastered one true vital accord to allow us this decency. We dedicate a natural flow of our efforts recognizing our space and our migration throughout it. Here is a hub of knowledge where we are able share ultimate ideas that propel any being into long term universal enjoyment.

Our migration here on Earth allows us as humans the ability to think and feel we have a connection to make statements and call them emotion. Reading this emotion and sharing our common goals, knowledge and wisdom has become something we have worked for throughout the years to propel each year. This goal of this domain is to create a space for all us in this world alike can have a hub to showcase what we all have learned to continuously love and enjoy everyday. We look to touch what we come to know as beautiful. Whatever that gives us a feeling to actually pause our mind to feel the flutter in our heart and live to a better beat of it. Science, art, life as we know it and how it influences us to make a better migration to tomorrow even if it feels as a new way of beating we are stepping to.

Let’s not deny the universally loving feeling we all naturally as young life forms scream out naturally to want us to feel good. Our natural balance of rage tips naturally easily to rage before learning to be at peace. It is almost like learning what peace and productivity is and apart of the universal process of people foreign, local, common, or alien.  Healthy life is ultimately what we have come to learn over time knowing we had no other way but being open to knowing we were doing just a lil’ something wrong each progression through human existence.