Peace On Earth

Search peace on the trusted google search engine. What you will not see is pictures of the entire world holding hands nor a news article describing world peace all across Earth. Why? Because, we only have gotten to the point in our human span lifetime to just now make songs, films, and have the concept developed. But, no actual real life world peace to walk among the living on Earth. As a lover of the life we live and a man among men I search for the answers everyday of how to make this world a better place for all. It took sunshine and clear skies to make me and an hvac Atlanta realize our real calling in life. We both understand what it is like providing smiles for the world we live in, and bringing them to complete strangers. Our paths cross with a simple hello and then can end with a have a nice day but why not across all mankind.

Ultimate world peace is not impossible regardless of popular belief but, it will take some work and mental reps to get there. As humans we have came along way especially in the USA with freedom of speech, and religion. It should be the skies the limit after those two foundation attachments. But, we have been halted with theses two alone as speech and religion seem to be top causes for what people die for worldwide everyday. The Atlanta HVAC and myself expressed we all have the freedom to choose a path for our own desires. Especially here in the US. We focus on the developing a better life for our children rather living in the moment and trying to push our mental capacities to develop a more productive better today. As humans we limit our success and only deal with what we find emotionally fitting. If we have the ability to think freely why not use this capability to conquer the mass hate together.


Simply, we don’t appreciate the time that has been given to us in any manner. I mean lets  be real if your mom calls you and interrupts your favorite tv show premiere you are going to have to call her back. She thinks after the show and you know it is tomorrow. So how can we have the capacity to understand the effects of global warming and what disrespecting the environment today means to us tomorrow. Impossible. Naturally we are a group of followers not leaders as humans. We tend to go with the majority. Majority wins all that jazz. It takes a strong lone soldier to lead us and make us believers once they conquer and trump the majority. Even still we can’t naturally buy in. The following post will dive deeper into Martin Luther King Day and ways to achieve this world peace as we know it and have not yet got close to putting our fingertips on.