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Directed by Michael Bagnato

Professional Tips for Directing Your Own Film

Preparing to make a feature film can be somewhat similar to preparing to have a first baby. You can read books, take classes and learn to breathe. However, you are never actually fully prepare when it comes to deliver.

So, you have decided to make your own movie. Most likely you’re aware that writing, editing and directing your own movie is a daunting task, but one advantage you can get is that, you have a creative, full control of your production. You need to equip yourself from putting lots of work only to get your movie finished.

To successfully direct a visually captivating story with plausible characters, you should have an in-depth understanding on different tips when directing a film. So, how do you get started?

  • Come up with an idea

Just bear in mind, coming up with the idea for your film doesn’t need to be an intense showdown with other huge, popular films. To base your film around, you can get one great sentence such as the one you read in a film description. What is the story, character or conflict you really want to tell? What genre do you want – sci-fi, drama or comedy? When you already identify your genre, you can think of characters and plots suitable to it.

  • Invent your own characters

We all know that characters arouse stories. Since the audience relates more to the character, you should ensure you have thought out characters well before starting. Make sure your characters are round, have fears and desires and have agency.

  • Use screenwriting software when writing your script

You are given an opportunity to use any format of writing what you like when producing your own movie. But if you want to get studio-quality formatting together with tools intended for screenwriters, using screenwriting software such as Final Draft, Writer Duets and Celtx is a good option. They will auto-format for you, plus they are great way to know the exact length of your film.

  • Learn the many types of cuts to edit skillfully

Editing is the art of saying a story thru cuts. It is a sequence of videos put back to back. How you cut the story from one to another is how the audience recognizes the story. So when editing a movie, the way on how you order cut from a video to one another is all that matters.

  • To make your movie professional, correct its sound and color

Now is the time for the long clean-up process after making the film as good as it can be. The best advice from professional directors is to make the sound and color look consistent. The scenes should have the same color and lighting. Also, there should be no spots in which the sound is blatantly difficult or loud to hear.

There you have it! Directing your own film, especially for beginners, should not be a very difficult task. These tips will help get started in the movie industry. So, get ready to roll because Hollywood is calling your creative, professional mind.