Do You Want To Be NASA Astronaut?

It is true that astronaut job is a pioneering and inspiring work in itself. Astronomy is a branch of science which deals with flying lightweight hovers and aircrafts. Everyone dreams of fling high in air and being an astronaut helps you live to this dream. You can have fun of escaping from earth’s gravity and roam around freely above all enjoying scenes like Great Wall of China and other wonders. You can also fly high in blue sky and go to places which most people can only think about.

Types of Astronauts

Astronauts are well-trained and fully skilled engineers or scientists who go beyond earth’s atmosphere to discover the outer world and at the same time learn about nature mysteries. (Visit to learn from the best electrical engineer on how to start your career) The astronomy’s domain is extending with bounds and leaps and there are no limits to its exploration. Astronauts use technical devices and space shuttles to go in outer space. There are typically 3 main working domains of an astronaut. The payload specialist, mission specialist and Pilot are 3 varied areas where astronauts can work. Working as an astronaut can be difficult and challenging both mentally and physically. You have to travel long hours under strenuous conditions which are intolerable for normal humans. Astronauts are given rigid trainings to adapt themselves to changing environments of environment beyond earth.


Duties of an Astronaut

An astronaut is accountable for operating and regulating all space stations of space agency. Astronauts manage trips and pace missions to discover new planets and the outer world. It is a tough job since it involves life risk all the time but it is also adventurous and enthralling for those who have a passion for celestial bodies and outer space. Astronauts have huge responsibilities and they need to be extremely brilliant and completely focused to be eligible for astronaut endeavors and space missions. Astronauts should have at least 1000 hours of aircraft flying experience to go for a space shuttle.


  • You should have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in mathematics, physical science, biological science or engineering. Advanced degree or mark is desirable. Academic preparation’s quality is very important.
  • You should have at least 1000 hours of jet aircraft flying experience. In addition to this, experience in flight test is greatly desirable.
  • You should pass a NASA space physical which is similar to a civilian or military flight physical and these consist of the following principles and standards:
  • Height between 62-75 inches
  • Blood pressure must be 140/90 that is measured in a sitting position
  • The distance visual acuity must be 20/100, correctable to 20/20 eye vision.

If you are one of those individuals who want to qualify for NASA Astronaut job, you should meet the qualifications that are stated above. Once passed, you are now one step closer in reaching your goals in life. For more information about astronaut job, responsibilities and qualifications, browsing the web or conducting a research can be a great help. Being an astronaut is one thing that you can be proud of.