Your Brain And Body As One Healthy Connection

The control center and the computer of your body is your brain. Our brains aren’t in this flight or fight alone. Our emotions and nervous system are in tune one in the same. Our brain and body works as a team to make us intelligent. Cognitive processes aren’t distant and disconnected from our senses and motor functions which is an argument from scientist Guy Claxton. Claxton says “the body, the gut, the senses, the immune system,the lymphatic system are so instantaneously and so complicatedly interacting with the brain that you can’t draw a line across the neck and say above the line it’s smart and below it’s menial.” Which is what most people try to separate when describing.

It’s interesting to note that when we say go with your gut we might be leaving out other important processes or meditative thought focusing to find what our body wants. Mental health and awareness is growing at a rapid pace. As champions and continued students of this vital study we are dedicated to making our mind body soul and universe a much more peaceful place to thrive in. We are now gathering a stronger sense of what it truly means to modulate the central nervous system and remaining parts and systems of the body. This refined insight helps assist and optimize prevention and improved treatment of mental disorders.

Creating emotions and feelings release chemicals in the brain and these emotions can become lodged and patterns can be hardwired into your brain. At this rate you are conditioning your body to live in the past.Once I learned this slither of information my world changed and became much more conscious seeking practices. Learning and memorizing much more healthy emotions, foods, habits and routines for the body to become. When engaging in these routines your body becomes the mind. The timeline of actions keeping the same routine allows your yesterday to become your tomorrow.

Mental rehearsal can change your brain and body in powerful ways. When living in the emotions of stress all the time this can lead your body believing its living in the same conditions. Learning you have to become greater than physical state you must become greater than the thoughts recycling within the mind is enough to begin gaining interest into Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity studies. Where your attention goes your energy flows.   

The power human beings plants and animals exhibit using energy that is detectable by each of our senses. Using a dedicated effort to heal by using meditation and guided emotions of love, gratitude, forgiveness, and allowing your past to be your wisdom our intro steps and foundation to relieving pain and disease. If living beings have energy and we now measure our light energy in a lab it only makes sense food has a frequency too. It is much more simpler to understand the thought of food content when live food eating contest are upon us with the same program having doctors and health and wellness professionals measure the breakdown of what eating this could do to an average brain and body. Here we will continue to bring all humans seeking their ultimate peace  for themselves,family friends, extended Earth animals plants and environment, information on these developments from science measured magnificent marvels in real  space and time enhancing and naturally healing lives. Unlock the power of your mind with a real neuroscience specialist.