The Global Coherence Initiative


Have you ever wondered if world peace is possible for the Earth? The global coherence research gathers a wide range of science data to bring fresh ideas to the human and animal health and behavior being all connected with each other and the sun and earth’s magnetic field activity. Science is now uncovering this information. HeartMath Institute is here to assist humans bringing their physical, mental and emotional systems into an aligned balance syncing the heart. Their reason is to start the heart of humanity. Raising the frequency of our mental emotional and energetic tanks to choose the way of love. The HeartMath Institute was founded in 1991 and gives tools that sync us with our hearts of our inner truth. The research and development they do is based and followed through in science.

People are going through growing energy consumption. The concept that we are one with the earth,sun, and the universe has been long time coming.The talks surrounding the power the earth sun and universe and planets has over our health and behavior has been a continuous effort. The beginning of the science behind this all things connected theory is being document in its early stages. With the help of geo-science and astrophysics the global coherence initiative uses real data to look at the Earth’s magnetic field and how it relates to us. The Global Coherence monitoring system utilizes technology to measure and view the shifts in Earth’s magnetic field. In 2015 till today they control sensor sites in 6 locations across the globe from California to Saudi Arabia to South Africa.

– magnetic field of earth. protect the earth from solar wind, illustration

These sensor keep an eye out for the resonant frequencies in the field. Solar storms, solar wind velocity and shake ups in the Schumann resonances, which are a series of spectrum peaks in the very low frequency part of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum, all modify frequencies.Our autonomic nervous systems, brain and cardiovascular system all underlie the earth’s frequencies in the magnetic field. We should be able to fathom rhythm within us and global collaborative. Much like the music and dancing and even when communicating with people the Earth has a magnetic field that is powerful and rhythmic. These vibes are shown to be created by electrical currents deep within Earth’s outer core. If you are UFO in concept to the science class of the Earth, the outer core is iron liquid type substance below the mantle. Carl Friedrich Gaus was the originator of the measurement of Earth;s field in 1835. Happily ever after we’ve been measuring this ever since that moment captured in documented history and science. In that 150 years visibly now measured a drop by 10% . We have some explaining to do as we watched I Love Lucy now and then since its creation in TV booming days of 1951.

The same science of production we encourage our kids to get an A in has tested and proven the rotating sun and moon is as influential over to the geomagnetic field as repeating TV favorite sitcoms for years on end. With that power all things are possible to become learned truth that we put our faith in. Birds and other animals can sense the magnetic field and equipped to navigate during times around the seasons and humans can measure which mean we may sense it before as well. Now with documented truths the average must touch see feel and read through scientific evidence to believe we have enough to move and possibly measure our representation to energy and using it in full coherence with our energy as well. Positive waves is now as true as learning mathematics. We continue to support and research from the professionals and experts in the field to spread world awareness..


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